Inter Dojo Team Championships, 2016


Date:    26 November
Venue: Danie van Zyl Recreation Hall, Rex Street, Montclare Central, Johannesburg
Time:   08h00

ENTRY FEE : R150 per competitor per team
ENTRIES CLOSE : 12 November 2016

The purpose of this competition is to have a relaxed, fun and friendly tournament at the end of a busy year.

Teams must consist of three (3) competitors of the same gender. Kata and kumite rules are included in the invite document.

Dojo heads can provide us with a list of individuals that would like to compete, but do not have a team. We will put them in groups with other individuals. The competitor will accumulate points for his/her own dojo though.

For more information, download the Inter-Dojo-Competition-Invite here.

Contact Sensei Elmarie van Zyl (082 934 4670, for entry forms.