Calendar for the last quarter of 2015

Dear Karateka and Parents

19 September, Champ of Champions, Witbank: Good luck to our karateka who will be competing at this competition.

24 & 29 September, Kagawa Sensei, Pretoria:    We have been invited to attend these seminars with this karate master from Japan. As, South Africans do not get opportunities like this very often,  therefor, I would like to urge everyone to  make use of this opportunity. Please submit your names to me ASAP. Yellow belts and above may attend either of the sessions or both sessions.

03 October, Training for Namibia 2016, Pretoria: All students who have qualified for the World Championships next  year may attend this training session with Sensei Soon.

03 October, Training at Beaulieu College, Kyalami: I am teaching at the Beaulieu College dojo on 3 October. Everyone is welcome to attend these classes.

10 October, Brown & Black Belt Training, Germiston: General training for senior brown and all black belts at the Germiston dojo.

16 & 17 October, CANSA Relay, Monument High School: I would like to enter a team to attend this charity event. Please submit your names to me by 09 October 2015, should you wish to participate at the event as part of the team. I will pay the entry fee of R100 for the first 10 students.

You are welcome to extend a special invitation to a cancer survivor or someone who has recently been diagnosed or currently battling cancer.  Should you wish to do so, please contact Del-Mari van Zyl (081 579 9538) to supply her with their contact details. I will supply the pink belts for the relay.

We are also going to hand out little plastic bags for additional fund-raising for this event. Please support this by filling it up with your small change and return the bags to us before 16 October 2015.

23 & 24 October, National Dan Grading, Pretoria: Good luck to all the students who will be attempting their black belt grading this year.  The grading fee must be paid not later than 15 October 2015. 

31 October, Interschool Champs, Johannesburg: This is an “All Styles” competition and students will be representing their schools and NOT their dojo. Entry forms will be available soon.

07 November, Training for Namibia 2016, Pretoria: All students who have qualified for the World Championships next year may attend this training session with Sensei Soon.

14 November, Inter Dojo Team Champs, Newlands: This is the second year we are hosting this fun event. Students, who normally compete AGAINST each other, get the chance to be in the same team. Entry forms will be available soon

23 – 27 November, Year-end Grading: All “dinkies”, juniors and senior coloured belts are grading in November. ALL fees must be paid up to date, before a student may attempt the grading. Also note that the dojos are closing that week.

28 November, Year end Function and Prize Giving: The venue in Krugersdorp will still be announced as soon as the particulars are available. At this event  we not only award all our students who worked hard throughout the year, it is also the annual social get-together for all our dojos. Please try to join us or at least send your child(ren). We would like to request that all 2014 floating trophies be returned by 30 September 2015.

Elmarie van Zyl